Dear Students, congratulation on receiving the scholarship! Please find below some basic information about the visa process.

  1. You will need to appear in person at our Embassy's Consular Section in Riyadh. You cannot apply for the study visa at VFS Global's visa centres. In case you are residing in Yemen and cannot come to Riyadh, please contact our Embassy in Cairo (Egypt) or Amman (Jordan).
  2. You are going to apply for a D-type visa, not for a short term C-type Schengen visa.
  3. Please bring all the necessary supporting documents with you, including:
    • filled application forms and 1 recent passport photo (forms can be downloaded below)
    • valid passport
    • letter of acceptance issued by the university/college
    • letter of award issued by Tempus
    • flight booking
    • proof of accommodation
    • insurance
    • proof of financial means (support letter, bank statement, etc.)
  4. To book and appointment, please email huembriyadh [at]
  5. Please note that processing your application takes time, therefore do not leave it late

Downloads (both documents are required!):